Lauren Tedeschi's work is nourished by the participation of others. She's interested in designing for the way we eat which explains her passion for gatherings and why food and drink have continued to play a major role. Lauren started her education in the arts, concentrating in printmaking with a minor exploration in Italian. She studied in Siena, Italy where the rich culinary history and culture soaked into her creative process. She's ventured in winemaking, hospitality and has traveled through the Pacific; Thailand, Australia, New Zealand & Japan. All the while observing the details of how communities gather over a meal. Her role as a designer is capturing a feeling of imagination and making present the intangible bonds between people. Her work questions what food’s form or function could be, "a flight of fancy, layered with facts and fiction."  Lauren's next project is about mobile eating, away from the table. 

Lauren received a BFA in Printmaking from University of California, Santa Cruz
Master of Industrial Design, 2015, Rhode Island School of Design



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