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Pleinware was a concept developed by Lauren Tedeschi while she was at Rhode Island School of Design learning industrial design. She has continued the life of the project and expanded Pleinware to include any ceramic object for use beyond the table. Pleinware, inspired by artists painting en plein air or outdoors, is a playful response which questions whether a tableware needs a table to exist. Lauren invites others to lend their attention to eating habits beyond the table and is open and happy to hear about custom projects -- she specializes in small production, mid-fire, stoneware and porcelain. Each object is slip-casted from a custom mold(s), glazed and fired in her studio space in Oakland, CA.  



Holda is a stoneware canteen that holds on to the semblance and materiality of tableware. It was designed for mobile gatherings - it has a wide mouth, cork top & carrying strap - making beverages accessible and pleasing to drink.

The Holda is perfect for music festivals, picnics, farm parties, art shows, food truck gatherings, tastings & tours.

Liquid capacity is 375 ml (12 oz)
Colors: white, gray, dutch sprinkle, white/dutch sprinkle

$45. Includes a canvas keeper bag.



Innie is a stoneware hanging bowl. It was originally designed for eating at mobile gatherings - it has a flat back and leather cord strap. Since its original purpose it has become a nice home for plants.  

Approximately: 7” x 4” x 4”
Colors: white, gray, dutch sprinkle, navajo (red clay)



Birdie cups

Birdie cups are stackable and versatile additions to your kitchen or barware collection. Inspired by my childhood favorite - Disney’s Robin Hood - this cup’s shape resembles the birdie in Maid Marian & Lady Cluck’s game of badminton. 

Liquid capacity 175 ml (6 oz)
Colors: white, gray, dutch sprinkle, navajo (red clay)

$8 or 3 for $20