Venus influence

My friend told me about Venus retrograde and how it becomes a time of reflection on emotional aspects: relationships and passions. I certainly feel that going on in my own life but more so in my passions with work (well perhaps I've been reflecting this way since graduating from RISD). I'm finding where I fit in and checking in with myself every now and again to see if the situation feels right. For me, it's about signs, a little glimpse of warmth, that tingling in the base of your skull when inspired by something. I know it's a real connection when something physical manifests... For instance, I got excited when I saw this just now:

Chilean design studio  Great Things to People

Chilean design studio Great Things to People

Back at RISD, I played around with casting fabric as ceramic objects. I enjoyed the process but the results were a bit messy and ended up looking contrived. I'd love to try again and the work above just inspired another go. I've also been looking at Hasami Porcelain.

Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain

It's a Japanese/Santa Monica tableware company that uses simple forms and simple glazes. I'm currently in love. So my next project are plates and bowls, perhaps some lighting too that finds a place in the middle of fabric and clean forms.