Pre-paris - getting lost

The ubiquity of map and navigation apps these days can be a boon, but it also means that pedestrians can easily choose efficiency at the expense of discovery.

’We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost,’ the writer Ray Bradbury said in a 1990 interview with Rob Couteau. ‘There’s nothing better than to walk around Paris and not know where in hell you are.’

I'm actually going to Paris. It's strange it hasn't happened yet, I'm finally going to taste a real baguette, sit a sidewalk cafe, sip wine at a french bistro, stroll through an open air market, buy fancy soap... and whatever else I've imagined doing while pretending to be a classy tourist. Maybe even a french romance ;) That would be so Before sunset/sunrise.

The other purpose for this trip is worth sharing. I'll being going to a little town for a workshop with a big name, Domaine de Boisbuchet. Sigga Heimis, a designer for IKEA will be teaching a workshop on Cooking, Eating, and Designing. It will be a fun filled week and capped with two days in Paris. If anyone feels like sharing tips, please fill me in. This will be my first time in France (not counting a weekend in Nice, while studying abroad in Italy. it was cold and I was on a student budget.) Needless to say, I'm arriving with wide eyes and an empty stomach/shopping bag. Pictures will follow in 10-14 days. Till then mon amie. 

Thank you RISD, IKEA and Domaine Boisbuchet for this exciting opportunity.