believe it or not

yes folks, critter bitters are real and they are scheduled to be released this summer, 2014. 

see critter bitters here. 

This harkens me back to my own adventures with bugs. Last semester I was asked to challenge a segment of industry with a design proposal... chose Industrial food and suggested a new fast food protein. I served butterfly nuggets at my final critique, made from silkworms. They tasted earthy. Previous to the butterfly nuggets was a cricket cookie project to test my classmates and a few faculties food boundaries. Most were willing to try the cookies (made from roasted cricket flour) because the bugs were disguised and combined with sugar and butter - they tasted delicious. Some neighboring Brown students had a similar idea with EXO, protein bars made from cricket flour. I have the carrot cake flavored bar on my dining table. I'm saving it for, I don't know... a special occasion. Documentation of the cricket cookie project below.

The guys at Nordic food lab are also on the bug train. Here's a video from MAD, a food symposium in held in Copenhagen: featuring Lars Williams and Mark Emil (super long last name). They served goodies: bee larvae and ants with flavor pheromones tasting like lemongrass. Pretty wild to be seasoning food with ants. If you visit their blog, you will find roasted locusts and moth mousse... I love this!

made from silkworms. served at RISD 2013.

made from silkworms. served at RISD 2013.